Yip, He’s A Creeper.

I’d been talking to this guy for awhile now, we started talking via a dating website. Everything seemed fine and dandy. He unfortunetly didn’t have a job and seemed to be doing absolutely nothing with his life, but who am I to judge right? He kept asking me to go round to his house to see him after work. I work nights so the last thing I want to be doing after a very long shift, coffee overloaded and tired was going to see someone I hardly knew. Not to mention the fact I work in a dirty gross factory and can never be bothered making myself look presentable.

Then he started to follow me. Anybody know how facebook for some reason shows the loctation of where you sent a message from? This feature began to cause some really big problems for me. I was at work one night about a week and a half ago and he messaged me asking if I’d come over after work, I said the routine “No I’m to tired tonight.” About half an hour went by and I got another message. This one asking me to come outside. So there I was trying to get one of the guys from work to peek out the office window to see if there was a car parked out front, sure enough there was. At this point I was compeletly confused by how he’d managed to get the address for where I work and super creeped out. After aruging with myself on what to do, I replied with “I went home sick I’m not at work anymore” and he left.

A few more days pass and I recieved another message from him asking why I lied about going home sick. I left the message unread and contunied on with whatever it was I was doing, Then I recieved two more messages, “Amy I know you’re there, stop ignoring me” and “why didn’t you come see me the other night.” Frustrated, I replied with “Seriously dude you’re begining to freak me out.” I got no reply so I just figured I’d offened him and wouldn’t be hearing from him again. Boy was I wrong. He showed up at my house an hour later. This tme he didn’t wait in his car, he came straight to the door. So as you can imagine I was competely creeped out by the point, my Mum was giving me some weird look like whats a boy doing here ( I tend to avoid the whole parents meeting the boy thing) and he was standing at my front door. I was compeletly frozen, mum answered the door and invited him in. (Almost forgot the best part, we hadn’t actually met yet either.)

After the shock subsided and was able to talk and move again I invited him up to my room (dumb idea I know, What was I thinking!) I asked him how he’d gotten the address to both my work and my house. He explained how facebook had given him both locations. We sat in a very awkward silence for about 10 minutes before I asked him to leave. During the short walk from my bed to my bedroom door he tired to kiss me. Who knows why, it wasn’t like we had even had enough time to know if there was conection between us let alone for him to attempted to kiss me, not to mention he came over uninvited to someones house he didn’t really know. He was most defaintly not someone I wanted to get involed with. As you can imgine I kicked him out after that.

I deleted him off facebook and changed my settings on messenger. That was most defiantly not something I wanted to expereince again.


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